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To run jobs in UAGrid, you need a signed certificate.

VIRGO.UA in GRID enviroment

A simple collection of scripts for running jobs in nordugrid has been written. It takes into account VIRGO.UA enviroment for each cluster, simplifies running jobs and retrieving results.

The following commands are available at the moment at the VIRGO server:

  • virgo - in bash only set virgo grid local environment.
  • vg-run DIR [CLUSTER] - run job from dir. Content of the DIR will be available for job, script DIR/ will be executed.
  • vg-runloop NUMBER DIR - start NUMBER jobs in loop
  • vg-scan - scan current jobs state
  • vg-getall - get all finished jobs
  • vg-get PATTERN - get all finished jobs by PATTERN
  • vg-mkhtml - make html report
  • vg-watch - start loop vg-getall and vg-mkhtml

!! commands are only available for BASH !!

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