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by Denis Savchenko

Recently we have added the basic support for latex syntax on our forum. These was done to provide the ability to discuss the new arXiv papers.

Using LaTeX syntax

To add an equation to your post, you can use the bbcode [tex][/tex]. There is also a button available for it on posting form.

As an example:

More complicated example
[tex]F_{DM}=\frac{\Gamma E_\gamma}{m_s}\int_{fov}\frac{\rho_{DM}(\mathbf{r})}{4\pi|\mathbf{D}_L+\mathbf{r}|^2}\,\mathrm{dr}[/tex] (1)

will result in this post. (Equation numbering is not available yet, numbers must be added manually)

If you want to add some picture, you can use the standart phpBB tag [img][/img] Like this:


Tip: To store pictures VIRGO.UA server at BITP users can create directory, called public_html in the root of their home directory, all the files placed there will be available on the web with prefix

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