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OSA manual in Ukrainian is also avaliable

Off-line Science Analysis (OSA) software

The INTEGRAL Off-line Scientific Analysis (OSA) is what you need to reduce and analyze data collected by the INTEGRAL satellite.

OSA is broken down into the following components:

Off-line Scientific Analysis Software (OSA_SW) Instrument Characteristics (OSA_IC) 'High-energy' Catalog (OSA_CAT) Test Observations, for example to check the correct installation of the INTEGRAL Data Analysis System (OSA_TESTDATA)

The analysis is achieved by four independent instrument specific analysis chains (scripts). With the help of graphical user interfaces you may alter the analysis parameters to customize the analysis runs to your personal needs.

Figure 1: OSA documentation
Figure 1: OSA documentation

If INTEGRAL data analysis is new for you, a set of documents has been compiled to help you find your way:

  • ISDC/OSA-INTRO, the Introduction to OSA (i.e., this document) Here you find all kind of information on INTEGRAL and the data analysis. This document contains the following chapters:
    • Introduction: The current chapter.
    • INTEGRAL and its Operations: gives a general description of the INTEGRAL satellite and its instruments.
    • INTEGRAL Data: is devoted to the INTEGRAL data, the ISDC data model and the storage of INTEGRAL data.
    • Software Tools: gives an overview of the generic software tools included in the release.
    • Setting up the environment: instructs you how to set up the working environment before running the software.
    • Data Analysis: provides an overview of the methodology of the INTEGRAL data analysis.
    • ISDC/OSA-INST-GUIDE, the 'Installation Guide' for all OSA components
    • Here you will find the instructions to install the OSA components together with the system requirements.
    • ISDC/OSA-UM, the instrument specific 'Analysis User Manual'
    • Here you find a brief description of the instruments aboard INTEGRAL, a cookbook with examples on how to run the analysis and the descriptions of the scientific algorithms applied.
    • ISDC/OSA-SCI-VAL, the instrument specific 'Scientific Validation Reports'

The schematic overview of the documents related to the OSA OSA is shown in Figure 1. All these documents can be found at OSA document tree

For questions or remarks concerning the INTEGRAL Data Analysis System a list of 'Frequently Asked Questions' is available at the following URL

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